Our Community Projects

All our registered projects benefit our Care Giver Program by promoting skills, awareness, management and funding. The Care Giver Program results in a 5-people network point where community members are transformed into people serving with the right attitudes.

Upcoming Projects

  1. EveryDay
  2. Helicopter Support
  3. Lentegeur Wines
  4. Cremation & Lemon Trees
  5. Product Admin System
  6. Nutrition Products
  7. Bible School Swaziland
  8. Helicopter Support
  10. Facilitated by David de Villiers

  12. Facilitated by Andre Kasselman

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Africa Health Bank Details:
Africa Health Upliftment Fund (In short Africa Health)
Standard Bank Helderberg
Account Number: 242-030-467
Branch Code: 51001
Swift Code: SBZAZAJJ

Project I:

Financial Governance and Networking

It is rewarding for us to look after you and your money!!!!

~The Process to be Financial Compliant and Maintain that Position in Complex and Time-Consuming Issues ~

Africa Health registered this project to bring Financial Restoration, Redemption and Upliftment to people and communities to address pressing Legal and Compliance issues.

They help community-based entities registered with them to keep proper invoicing, asset and other accounting records.

Africa Health contributes with this project by helping to improve compliance and adherence in this sector. We have combined forces with Accounting Officers to assist us with this task.


Your financial contributions will help Africa Health to help Communities, Entities and Others.

Project II:

Hospital Schooling and Counselling

A hospital school is a school operated in a hospital that provides instructions to all primary and secondary grade levels. These schools help children regain academic progress during periods of hospitalisation or rehabilitation. The schools are most often accredited and run by the local public school system, funded by the state, and based on the same curriculum and testing mandated by the state as is practical for the students. Enrolments are low when compared to traditional schools and teachers must provide instruction for many grade levels.

Louise Ludik is responsible for this project at institutions in Pretoria, South Africa. She is educated in the field of Life Orientation and serves well in the Africa Healing Venture Counseling and Rehabilitation Program.

Project III:

Michael Hlope

Michael Hlope is helping people to discover God’s way and experience freedom from life-controlling problems. He facilitates upliftment programmes and well-being activities for spiritual, emotional and physical advancement at the University and the communities in Swaziland. He encourages corporate fellowships of believers, raising a network across Swaziland providing counselling, teaching and healthcare programmes on a personal and national level.

Project IV:

De Villiers Art

The delightful, charming and exquisite work of David de Villiers looks like normal paintings during the day and transforms into 3D paintings during nocturnal conditions.

Song of Artemis


David has managed to capture fortified eloquence of reflection through his brilliant style and wonderful elegant artistry. Set deep within the realms of these amazing works are multiple cutting edges of magnificent glory contained within the form of a single tear drop, a blue diamond and the reflection of knowledge and understanding in the face of Nelson Mandela. Africa Health discovered this extraordinary artist and wants to bring his amazing art into the light.

David de Villiers donates the sale of his extraordinary works of art to Africa Health. See www.deVilliersArt.net . Donations to this venture to support the artist and Africa Health are welcome.

Bank Details:

Africa Health Upliftment Fund (In short: Africa Health)

Standard Bank, Helderberg, South Africa

Account Number: 242-030-467

Project V:

Flotation and Metal Recovery

A flotation process is a technique to recover precious metal, and works with gravity. Africa Health participates in a specialised flotation process, AbbaTa, supporting this business venture to be fully operational. Conservation of biological diversity, job creation and funding for the Care Giver Program will be the offspring of this venture adding to the prosperity and wealth of Africa Health community members.

Project VI:

Abraham Africa Letsebe and the CAT Tour

I live off how you make me feel,
and through the way that you comfort me,
I am falling into love,
yes, I am crushing into love.

I question all of this being real
but I am not afraid of Your Love
I’m falling into You
and I’m crazy for Your love

You make me free
you comfort me
You make me free
I feel it in Your touch

You make me free
with Your great Love
You make me free
I See it in Your Eyes

Every day is made for You and me
You show me what life needs to be
It’s in the way you speak my name
and I’m crazy for Your love

I have no idea how this could be,
Just to think you live inside of me.
I’m falling into You
and I’m crazy for Your love

Together with Abraham Africa Letsebe, from Africa Love Ministries, we’ve established 3 counselling programmes, Renew your Mind, Be in Position and Follow Instructions, as well as spiritual well-being activities for the emotional restoration of individuals and groups, resulting in sound family foundations, generational equality and deliverance. We also help people to discover their purpose through this project.

With the establishment of the Care Giver Program we like to care, serve, and support people in different communities and create 5-people network points across Africa and the world to provide counselling and teaching with the RIGHT ATTITUDE.

The Care Giver Program and Africa Love Ministries’ actions facilitate a balanced upliftment of people in needy communities. Our objective is to equip individuals, groups and nations with the necessary knowledge to care for themselves and others spiritually, emotionally and physically. We work in unison towards the improvement of our nation, thereby ensuring a bright future for us!

Abraham Africa Letsebe

Project VII:

Food Cart and Prostate Cancer


The Food Cart will be a source of income to sponsor the Care Giver Program. We now have a licence to trade. Fellow vendors will realise we have our own clientele who will come from far and wide to support us, because they love what we sell! People will say: “We love the food they sell here, because it is special”.

Care Givers supporting prostate cancer patients receive extra training focusing on the type of treatment or health problem of the person. The Care Givers provide care in patients’ homes, including giving medicines and certain treatments; teaching patients and families about their care; and checks on patients to see if medical care is needed.

Please support us financially to educate the Care Givers.

Facilitated by Andre and Mari of Rooi Olyf Kombuis.



Project VIII:

Sacotso Mia Trust

The Ama-Ndebele Nation is in need of training of its people in skills to uplift and develop its people to contribute to the common good and income generation of the Nation and the country as a whole.

Africa Health is committed to this venture as a Service Provider and Governor. Nada Whelpton, the Public Officer, will lead the people in Good Hope.

Project IX:

Project Summer Rose

Upliftment Facilitation Team

  • Hosting Upliftment Facilitators
  • Establishing GHAMUIP
  • Producing the CD Your Love is My Life by Amadita Nada
  • Supporting Project Second Heaven and Project Third Heaven
  • Africa Health Vehicle Maintenance Plan
  • Lighthouse in Upington

Project X:

Health and Water for Africa

Facilitated by Lizo and Thato Dlaba from Lakhizwe Foundation.The Project Involves:




Project XI:

Add Gold

Facilitated by Nadine Steenkamp. The Project Involves:

Project XII:

Creative Styles

Hair Salon
Facilitated by Junita Vermeulen

A Billion Thrills One Reason / Ten Billion Thrills One Destination.
In Covenant! Thank you for Salt Water!
May our Praises cover the Heavens, Earth and the Sea!


Project XIII:


Thank you, Lord, that we can meet up through technology!

Plans of Happiness!
Plans of Joy!
Plans of Peace!

African Health Assurance is a Wealth Creation Platform for the Nation in order to govern the people with regards to the wealth of the land.

The leadership of South Africa has to make a radical decision concerning the transformation of the nation in order to have a bright future.

This requires next-generation leadership. In conjunction with David Wegerle and his Team, we are rolling intelligent use of resources using technology and using the information to build a generating platform. The answer can be found in the productivity of the people as motivated by the hearts of people. Our people only need to realize the true value of the soil of our land. Knowledge is power, using technology we will deliver our vision we have for our nation, a nation that considers women and children and communities built upon the wealth we generated from the land.



Lyrics of the Song

Everyday when I pray I thank God for you
I pray to God for His Love and His Goodness and His Grace upon you

Everyday when I pray I thank God for you
For Peace and Joy will rule in your life, God is Faithful and True

Give him Lord God Your Love and Your Power that he’ll ALWAYS
live his life in You
Teach him Your Wisdom God our Father that he’ll ALWAYS bring
Worship to You

Dear of my heart, God is Faithful and True
His Love and His Power will ALWAYS be in you, I pray for His Joy upon you
I love you so much and trust God for you
To be full of His Spirit and ALWAYS have His Love
To shine like a star in the night

Give him Lord God Your Love and Your Power that he’ll ALWAYS live his life in You
Teach him Your Wisdom God our Father that he’ll ALWAYS bring
Worship to You
Give him Lord God Your Love and Your Power that he’ll ALWAYS live his life in You

Give him Lord God Your Love and Your Power that he’ll ALWAYS live his life in You
Teach him Your Wisdom God our Father that he’ll ALWAYS bring
Worship to You
Give him Lord God Your Love and Your Power that he’ll ALWAYS live his life in You

Everyday when I pray I thank God for you
I pray to God for His Love and His Goodness and His HAND upon you

Helicopter Support


Lentegeur is a Red Blend of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot and Malbec. This Red Wine assures to indulge all 5 your senses with a festivity of flavour on your palate.

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