Upliftment Programmes

  1. Nutrition Feeding
  2. Healthcare
  3. Travel and Accommodation
  4. Counselling and Rehabilitation
  5. Lifestyle Management
  6. Education and Evaluation
Africa Health creates Hope and Employment of our Country and Continent; developing entrepreneurial skills, start and rejuvenate businesses, organisations and enterprises via the 6 Africa Healing Venture Upliftment Programmes.

Care Givers

Africa Health will be the voice calling to the thirsty, hungry and tired and is the vehicle towards hope.
Africa Health Care Givers will be People moving from the Platform of their Hearts!
Care Givers is the Members of the Africa Health Community who have the Passion to Heal Africa!
…and they are going to make it happen by making Africa shine Gold ~
…………The Colour of Glory!
We believe in the Prosperity and Wealth of People!
Passion is when you add excitement to your actions……this is when cheerful and happy people move in….
People with big dreams and entrepreneurial skills who are managed towards success and completeness!
People who will get to great lengths to find and own Love!
People who move between the boundaries of peace and excitement embraced with Love!

*****This is the Africa Health Community we dream of and our Hope is that you

Become Part of this Community Soon ******

An Africa Healing Venture Initiative