African Health Assurance is the thirteenth project (Project 13) and it falls under the Education and Evaluation Upliftment Program of Africa Health NPO.


African Health Assurance is a Wealth Creation Platform for the Nation in order to govern the people with regards to the wealth of the land.
The leadership of South Africa must make a radical decision concerning the transformation of the nation in order to have a bright future.
This requires next generation leadership. In conjunction with David Wegerle and his Team we are enrolling in intelligent use of resources using technology and using the information to build a generating platform. The answer can be found in the productivity of the people as motivated by the hearts of people. Our people only need to realize the true value of the soil of our land. Knowledge is power, using technology we will deliver our vision we have for our nation, a nation that considers women and children and communities built upon the wealth we generated from the land.
We build our SMME using the assets and the required servicing and upgrading, source internal innovators to build smart cities. Using technology to bring it all together.
We have an economic strategy planned and, we have the means of rolling out a PEACE PLAN.
The African Health Assurance project and platform is an Upliftment Initiative involving the Africa Health Community with the intent of inclusion into our society where previous left alone by themselves.
We create and strengthen the Africa Health Community with Lifestyle Inclusion in providing and adding service provision to look after our members; their spiritual health, soul contentment and physical well-being. We reach Financial Inclusion in assisting the Africa Health Community to participate in financial services and the retail world on par with other higher Lifestyle Management programs.
African Health Assurance creates Hope and Employment opportunities for our country and continent. We are developing entrepreneurial skills and start, develop and modernise businesses, organisations and enterprises. We do it via our different Commercial Space Performance initiatives and ventures.
African Health Assurance adds to the intellectual property of Africa Health consisting of an internal generated platform. This interactive platform is community bound, national and international. It supplies our community with activities while addressing needs and goals. All persons involved support, build and market this interactive platform. They ensure that Africa Healing Venture Upliftment Programmes are conducted in compliance with all applicable laws, rules, regulations and governing issues. Therefore, join us and submit your dreams and plans.

We believe in the Prosperity and Wealth of Africa Health Community Members, people with big dreams and entrepreneurial skills to be guided towards achieving success and completion!

Our People, embraced by Assurance, freely move between the borders of peace and the boundaries of excitement.

** We dream that you will soon become part of this Community; that is our Hope!!**

An Africa Healing Venture Initiative