The first Article we like to post is a Prophesy we received on 14 October 2013 at 19:30 during a Strategic Project Planning Session:


Thus says The Lord: You are going to move very fast. You are pleasing me with your agreement and working together in unity. I see you as a massive field profusely covered with white flowers with the yellow centre, covering the entire field. Even when it looks like extreme circumstances you will continue to grow. Even if the ground is red and rocky, rough and tough, and there be no water you will still blossom and flourish. I see you like a sunbird which visits each flower to extract its sweetness. You will extract and bring out the goodness in all people. The sunbird is swift and precise and can catch an insect with ease even while in flight. The sunbird can even without difficulty snatch a spider out of its web. I see people bringing tables to you to put it in the face of the enemies. These are the talents and abilities that thousands and thousands will bring before you as their tables because they trust you. They have the hope and the confidence that you are there to help them. My heart is happy and rejoices over you!!!!