About Africa Health

Africa Health is a registered non-profit organisation, reg no. 46-959, acting as a public benefit organisation, reg no. 930020329, regulated by the social development department of South Africa. Africa Health operates from its registered address and project offices in Stellenbosch, Western Cape, and Hartbeespoort, North West, in South Africa, and is also stationed in Swaziland at Masebula Road, Hawane Inkaba.

On 18 April 2006 the organisation was registered as a public benefit organisation and exempt from taxes in terms of Section 4, 10, 18A, 30 and 56 of the Income Tax Act 1962, with the strategy to roll out upliftment programmes.

Africa Health is structured to receive social grants, and gets audited annually to determine whether the organisation complies with its obligations as stated in its constitution.

The organisation has been operational in communities since February 2006 and established 6 upliftment programmes in the following areas:

  • Counselling and Rehabilitation
  • Lifestyle Management

Care Giver Program

  • Healthcare
  • Nutrition Feeding
  • Accommodation and Travelling
  • Education and Evaluation

The organisation has a level 3, with 110% procurement, BEE certificate.

Our Aim

We aim to uplift the lives of the needy by providing counselling, guidance, healthcare and care for the deprived, depressed, unstable, unbalanced, traumatised; for the confused, lost and sick people who have given up on themselves, their friends, family, their country, their planet and in God.

Through Africa Health’s projects there will be sustainable and accessible healthcare services, treatments, projects, education, agricultural, feeding schemes and job creation in rural and remote areas.

The Team:

Team members, office bearers and workers appointed by Africa Health render services in their specialised fields with the objective to fulfil its mission and to make the organisation a household name.

Our Vision

Our vision is to establish training, counselling and educational programmes, community gardens, and spiritual and physiological wellbeing projects. Furthermore, we want to:

Develop community-based models that attempt to integrate care and promote community responsibility and involvement.
Load the atmosphere with a lot of excitement.
Focus on love creation and the dispensing thereof.
Create hope and employment for our country and continent, developing entrepreneurial skills, starting and rejuvenating businesses, organisations and enterprises through:

1. Counselling and Rehabilitation
2. Healthcare
3. Nutrition Feeding
4. Lifestyle Management

Care Giver
5. Education and Evaluation
6. Travel and Accommodation

Our Mission

The Africa Health mission is to care, serve and support people in working and social environments and communities, and to create care centres and platforms that channel services and products into appropriate communities. We want to raise a network across the continent of Africa to provide teaching and counselling, and facilitate restoration and reformation on both a personal and national level.

  • Counselling programmes with the cooperation of various church communities.
  • Building a team to function and serve in the support network.
  • Selecting products and services to take to people contributing towards a healthy lifestyle and a good moral standard.
  • Individualise a community into a person with a healthy attitude, equipping individuals, groups and nations with the necessary knowledge to care for themselves.
  • Emotionally and physically working in unison towards the improvement of our nation, ensuring a bright future for all of us.

Care Givers

Africa Health is a voice calling to the thirsty, hungry and tired and is the vehicle towards hope. Care Givers are the members of the Africa Health community who have the passion to heal Africa …and they are going to make it happen by making Africa shine gold – The colour of glory!

Passion is when you add excitement to your actions… this is when cheerful and happy people move in:

  • People with big dreams and entrepreneurial skills who are focused on success and completeness
  • People who will go to great lengths to find love
  • People who move between the boundaries of peace and excitement embraced by love

Support Africa Health Today

Africa Health Bank Details:
Africa Health Upliftment Fund (In short Africa Health)
Standard Bank Helderberg
Account Number: 242-030-467
Branch Code: 51001
Swift Code: SBZAZAJJ

Our hope is that you become a part of this community.

An Africa Healing Venture Initiative