Africa Health – Community Upliftment

Africa Health is a registered non-profit organisation with the objective to be the recognised regional authoritative organisation focused on matters related to the mental, emotional, social and spiritual wellness of people based on current knowledge, research and human resources. Africa Health’s actions benefit individuals and families in all areas and communities in South Africa, and other parts of Africa. We believe that healthy people results in a peaceful, productive and proud nation.

Our Projects

Through Africa Health’s projects there will be sustainable and accessible healthcare services, treatments, projects, education, agricultural, feeding schemes and job creation in rural and remote areas.

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About Us

On 18 April 2006 the organisation was registered as a public benefit organisation and exempt from taxes in terms of Section 4, 10, 18A, 30 and 56 of the Income Tax Act 1962, with the strategy to roll out upliftment programmes.

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Psalm 68:31 states:

"Envoys coming from Africa will stretch out their hands to God."

This verse encourage and guide the ministry, Africa Healing Venture, in several ways:

  1. International outreach: The mention of Africa indicates a global scope, suggesting our upliftment endeavor can reach and impact people from diverse nations and cultures.
  2. Spiritual hunger: The phrase "stretch out their hands to God" implies a deep longing for divine connection and healing. This resonates with the ministry's focus on healing and wellness.
  3. Divine guidance: The verse implies that God is directing and guiding the envoys and those seeking Him, including the people of Africa Healing Venture to trust in His guidance and wisdom.
  4. Unity and collaboration: The image of envoys coming from different nations suggests collaboration and unity in pursuit of a common goal – in this case, healing and wellness.
  5. Faith and trust: The verse encourages faith and trust in God's power and love, essential for the ministry's mission to build a community that experiences wholeness and wellness.

To apply Psalm 68:31 to the Africa Healing Venture ministry:

  1. Embrace a global vision, reaching out to diverse communities.
  2. Nurture a deep spiritual connection, seeking God's guidance and wisdom.
  3. Foster collaboration and unity among team members and partners.
  4. Trust in God's power and love, believing in the possibility of a sickness-free community.
  5. Continue to serve and minister with faith, hope, and compassion, knowing God is directing our efforts.

Building a community that never gets sick requires a comprehensive approach, including spiritual, physical, and emotional wellness. Psalm 68:31 inspires and guides our ministry to pursue this noble goal.

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